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Nitro (CJ) was one of the first parahumans that broke out in Portland, Oregon. He always dreamed of having superpowers since he was a little kid, and he was one of the first to don a costume and play super-powered vigilante.


CJ was born in Arizona. He spend a large part of his childhood growing up in the small city of Prescott. It is here in the 7th grade when him and one of his best friends discovered their first Starbucks, and CJ sipped his first cup of coffee. Later in life he would joke that his delicious caffeine addiction was the reasons his powers manifested as they did.

He moved up to Oregon in late 2000 with his mother, father & younger brother (Who would one day become Predator). His family has never been one of wealth, but they were never stricken with poverty. Although he dreamed of adventure and excitement, life was pretty average for CJ .Occasionally his family went on trips and vacations, but as time went on and years passed, his family became less and less adventurous.

CJ entered high school a very timid and quiet kid. And he left a loud, goofy crazy little trickster. To this day his favorite activity involves scaring, tricking or performing some kind of prank on his friends or coworkers.



Nitro's powers all have to do with an unnatural amount of energy he possesses.

For example, he has not slept since the day he brokeout in December. Initially he thought this was a psychological issue, but time has proven that he can sleep if he wants to... But he does not get mentally or physically fatigued if he doesn't rest. Currently he's pushing himself to see how many days he can go without sleep. His brother, Predator, has made the same challenge and the two have a competition going to see who can stay awake longer than the other.

While his lack of a need of sleep is an interesting ability, his running speed is his most impressive power.